Steam Archive Images - British Railways – Standard Locomotives

Many enthusiasts have compiled collections of pictures over the years and the internet now means that some fascinating images from the past can more easily be shown to others. The Keith Langston Collection is just one of many such libraries in which numerous of the pictures therein cannot be attributed to any particular individual; as in the past not everyone keep records. However it is in the interest of all that such images do not remain confined to the back of a draw. To that end we will change the pictures in these sections on a regular basis. Please do not attempt to copy them for publication if you require further information about any of them please use the 'contact us' facility on this web site to make your enquiry, preferably submitting a daytime phone number with your request.
In January 1948 the railways were merged into a single national system. 
All the design staffs were placed under the control of one man, R A Riddles. Under his guidance the team set about the task of equipping BR with a range of locomotives suitable to the needs of the post war system. The classes were…. 
4-6-2 Class 7 70000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives ‘Britannias’ – 55 built 
4-6-2 Class 6 72000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives ‘Clans’ – 10 built 
4-6-0 Class 5 73000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 172 built 
4-6-0 Class 4 75000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 80 built 
2-6-4T Class 4 80000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 155 built 
2-6-0 Class 4 76000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 115 built 
2-6-0 Class 2 78000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 65 built 
2-6-2T Class 3 82000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 45 built 
2-6-2T Class 2 84000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 30 built 
4-6-2 Class 8P 71000 Express passenger Locomotive – 1 built 
2-6-0 Class 3 77000 Mixed Traffic Locomotives – 20 built 
2-10-0 Class 9F 92000 Heavy Goods Locomotives – 251 built